Thursday, August 6, 2009


Guess who has re-entered the workforce? That's right. The Lazy Deb has gotten herself a job again. It was strange and almost eerie to come out of my room this morning to find her NOT on our couch. To find her laptop with NOT her little fingers attached to it. It's hard to imagine what she might do for work. I keep thinking that her interview must have gone something like:

"Now, you do understand that you will be expected to lounge on this couch for 8+ hours a day. Are you willing to do that?"
"Yes, I'm very dedicated to that type of work."
"Also, we really are looking for someone who has a passion for wasting time on the internet and who has a high level of facebook mastery. Is that person you?"
"Now, there may or may not be some mindless reality tv show playing in the background, will that impede your ability to do your important work on the couch with your laptop?"
"No, not at all."
"Wow! You're exactly the job candidate we've been looking for! Welcome aboard to our lazy company."

Isn't that the interview you would expect? I'm not sure if that's actually what happened or not. I'm not even totally sure where she is right now. But our couch seems to have a lonely frown. And she's out there somewhere... Wearing business casual...


marshall p said...

oh man. I wish I had that job.

Lee said...

This post deserves a standing ovation.

Hoon said...

you forgot to mention that its only part time.

emily said...

word verification: phrog

emily said...

p.s. congrats l-deb!