Wednesday, July 29, 2009

She Can Get Dudes...

From the comforts of her own living room. Today a locksmith came over to fix our door (about time!!!). He actually came twice. Once when Michelle was home, and then again later when I was home. She must have really made an impression on him. When I was home he was like,
So... you live with Michelle?
And I was like, Yeah.
And he said, Is she single?
REALLY??!? She's a cute girl!
No way! What is she into?
Uh...hmmm... What is she into? Uh.... Like, uh.... I don't really know...
You don't know? But she's you're roommate.
Yeah, but... (How do you tell someone what a super lazy person is "into")... She likes to watch movies (?)

(Boring talk about locks. Blah...Blah...Blah...)
Well, I hope this works out for me. Put in a good word for me with Michelle. I'll take her out on a date if she wants me to.
I'll let her know...

*Text message sent to Michelle*: "The locksmith wants to ask you out. He's asking me what you like to do. He seems like a catch."

Impressive. Most of us at least need to get off the couch to get dudes.

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