Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"Oh no! All hell just broke loose! Someone call Jack Bauer! My roommate didn't bring her phone and if she doesn't answer my calls RIGHT now, hell will get looser!!
For I am a debutante and my calls are meant to be answered IMMEDIATELY!!! Because everything in my life is URGENT!!! And I can't actually tell the difference between real problems!!! and DRAMA!!! Because EVERYTHING is a big deal when you're a DEBUTANTE!!! But none of you would understand. Now, serve me."


nathaniel said...

hmmm. the problem i see with this is that i just don't see hell getting any looser. i mean, aren't many of the people in hell to begin with there because they were really loose anyway?

Hoon said...

the thing about calling jack bauer in to find you is that you would never ever answer your phone again.

because you'd be dead.