Saturday, January 17, 2009

Does Anyone Else Want to Post on Here?

Danny never does and I feel like people may get sick of me. That is, if anyone reads this blog, which they should.

I recommend posting on here. It's a great way to passive-aggressively complain about the lazy debutante and all her ridiculous demands. And she does have many.

She needs this blog as much as we need her. She needs to be dethroned every now & again. But not in a mean way. In a way that preserves her perfection. Anyway, if anyone wants to write anything ever, let me know.


marshall p said...

I read this blog, but I don't have much to say about the lazy debutante. other lazies I could talk about, but debutantes... not so much.

marshall p said...

maybe you should just have a complaint blog?

complaint: do people passively-aggressively make you look ugly in pictures or what?

2. did you and danny break up? is that why he stopped posting?

3. word verification: manhol
coincidence? I think not.