Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Just Trying To Do My Part

To help this lazy debutante make the transition from tween debutante to refined, mature adult debutante. How can you do this? You ask. Well, it's really not easy. But I try.

I was thinking recently, what can help a person who already has a lot of class and is adept in social situations like debutantes are? Well, maybe they could use a little help in their intellectual development (debutantes in general). And what is the best way to develop your intellect? Reading. Books. Reading and/or books. Yes, reading is important, but it's almost equally important to own books that will impress others.

So this weekend I was out and about, and I ran across a copy of this:

Oh yes, I remember that movie, you say. But not so fast. This isn't the movie. This is the book.

I figure, this is a book that may actually interest the lazy debutante and since it's a page-turner she may actually read it. It'll be something new to do while sitting on the couch.

Maybe that's wishful thinking. But if all else fails, at least it's up on her shelf now and someone may see it and be impressed. It's been on her shelf now since Saturday. I'm not sure if she's noticed yet, though.

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