Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The lazy Debutante is a delight to behold at the holidays. Her plans include flying to Mesa (I am sure first class). She will get lots of presents but her family supplies a helper to open them for her. She will sit on a couch at Casa del Hoon, and use her mac book to order sexy boots and send insidious emails. Hey Mesa-ites, please keep your eyes upon on the hoon-palace. If you are lucky, you may see the debutante riding a segue to get the mail or into a fine automobile. If you go to the local mall, watch out for a Jazzy and a ball of curly hair, you could lose a toe. I wonder if somebody has notified the mayor that a special guest is on her way.

In all serious, I am sad that she is going home for the holidays. There is something comforting about knowing somebody I love is always going to be where I need them, on a couch, on park street. I am lost without her.


nathaniel said...

this could be the most touching blog post i have ever read.

lady ace said...

i second everything that has been said.

marshall p said...

love is tender.