Monday, November 24, 2008


Sometimes the Debutante is productive. This weekend she made eggnog, from scratch! It was delicious and really a fruit of actual labor. However, she did not disappoint when she asked one of us to bring it to the party for her because she did not want to get her car eggnoggy.


lady ace said...

i made this delicious nog!!
now someone else carry it for me.
cuz i'm an important 'tante!

emily said...

you know what, though, that debutante did the effing dishes. she occasionally likes to help out the little people.

marshall p said...

I was going to say what emily said! except I was going to say "most" of the effing dishes. (I'm a jerk!)

lady ace said...

no, you're right! she TOTALLY helped with all the dishies. and that was super sweet of her. but did you guys notice that she insisted that she stand on a stool while she was doing them so she'd be taller than everyone else?

Anonymous said...

This blog is pretty funny... I have to say, I've spent my fair share of time around princesses (and at times we're all princesses) and my fair share of time making fun of those princesses behind their backs but doing what they want no matter how ridiculous when i'm with them. But this blog is like the middle ground between making fun of someone behind their back and confronting them and asking them to change. And I think you're doing an excellent job.

Now I'd like to share a princess story... My friend really wanted a smoothie. She and I and another friend drove around looking for one. Out of frustration, after 15 minutes of driving around, she started throwing a hissy fit of sorts b/c "We are in Southern California. How can there not be like 5 smoothie places around!" After about 20-30 minutes of looking, she settled for a $4.50 drink from Starbucks. She took one drink, pronounced it "disgusting," and promptly threw it away.

emily said...

the funniest part of this blog is that lady ace is the lazy debutante's roommate and the debutante totally knows about the blog. she's also an ironic debutante.